Understanding Energy Generation and Supply

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Understanding Energy Generation and Supply

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Finding the Right Flare Gas Recovery Solutions

If you have been in the gas industry for a while, you will be familiar with the controversy surrounding gas flaring. Looking for ways to reduce flaring, and, if possible, entirely prevent it is increasing in importance as oil companies have come to understand the damage that gas flaring can cause. 

Why is gas flaring controversial?

As crude oil is pumped to the surface, there is often natural gas associated with it. This gas is often considered a waste product or is too difficult to store, so it is burnt off from the tip of a tall chimney, creating a gas flare. While gas flaring is long established, in recent years, there has been greater awareness of the effects of gas flaring on both human health and the environment. Flare gas results in hazardous air pollutants frequently associated with neurological effects, skin problems, and cancers. Flare gas is part of the problem of greenhouse gas emissions that continue to warm the planet. It has also been linked to acid rain and contaminated crops. As these problems have been identified, the need for flare gas recovery solutions has become more apparent.

What flare gas recovery solutions are available?

Many suggestions have been made regarding the use or recovery of flare gas. Some solutions focus on secondary oil recovery, while others suggest employing the gas as feedstock for petrochemical plants or even domestic uses. While many of these options have technical merit, a commercial company must look for flare gas recovery solutions that are both practical and economically viable. Fortunately, practical tools are available to allow flare gas to be recovered upstream and utilized in several ways. The gas can be used in situ as a source of heat or for power generation. Alternatively, the captured gas can be transformed into LNG or clean transportation fuel.

Proceeding with flare gas recovery

To find out which flare gas recovery solutions could benefit you, it is advisable to talk to a company that specializes in flare gas recovery. They could offer you a site-specific assessment of your needs, taking into account the nature of your operations. They can also talk to you about the amount of flare gas that you might recover and how that gas could be stored and removed from your site. A specialist company can also discuss which flare gas recovery solutions will offer the best return on your investment in the longer term.

To learn more about flare gas recovery solutions, reach out to a service provider in your area.